IFM Mission

To serve the highest expression of individual health through the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine as the standard of care. 


IFM is building a scalable and robust educational platform using innovative technologies and teaching methods that can be incorporated into medical school curriculums, residencies, fellowships, and continuing medical education. We are involved in efforts to develop research models that can appropriately evaluate whole-systems practices and treatment plans that involve individualized and diverse interventions. To achieve its educational and research goals, IFM plans to expand upon its existing collaborative efforts—involving leaders in academic medicine, private sector industry, insurers, and government agencies—to develop and implement pilot programs that can open doors for the integration of Functional Medicine into the nation’s healthcare system. Three “engines” will drive progress toward achieving the strategic objective of reversing the epidemic of chronic disease: Education, Research, and Collaboration.


We believe good health and vitality are essential to the human spirit.



  • Train the healthcare workforce in effective treatment and prevention of chronic disease
  • Set proficiency standards for the practice of Functional Medicine
  • Diversify educational models and technology to reach and teach students and practicing clinicians



  • Develop new research models for assessing whole systems practices
  • Establish practice-based research networks to validate the most successful applications of Functional Medicine
  • Ensure that emerging scientific evidence on new approaches to chronic disease is continuously integrated into the Functional Medicine model; collect, synthesize, and disseminate research in lifestyle, systems, and Functional Medicine



  • Collaborate with leaders in academic medicine to ensure the integration of Functional Medicine into medical schools and residency programs
  • Work with employers, insurers, and government agencies to implement pilot programs to demonstrate how the Functional Medicine model will improve outcomes and reduce costs in the marketplace
  • Educate and collaborate with policymakers to support initiatives aimed at transforming medical education, research, and practice