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Why Work with a Health Coach?

A health coach helps you get to where you want to be

A health coach guides you towards wellness

What Can You Accomplish With an Apprentice Health Coach?

Understand what matters most to you

Become empowered to make lasting lifestyle changes and reach your health goals

Learn how to partner with your healthcare practitioner as you move through your health transformation

Better health outcomes may be achieved when individuals work with health coaches in addition to medical practitioners.

Are you ready to reach your wellness goals?

As a client of The Coaching Center, you will be paired with a Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Inc. apprentice health coach during his/her supervised practicum. Through this powerful, positive relationship, you will be guided and empowered to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Try a complimentary session. Once you choose to continue, you can purchase five sessions for $55 or 10 sessions for $107.

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